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Dressing Up for Your Big Day Together Couples have many things to consider in preparation for their life together, and as far as their wardrobe is concern, first come the wedding and now the honeymoon. For their honeymoon, couples may opt to go to their favourite island or place, or spend it in a posh hotel or resort, but one thing should not be forgotten during the planning is how they dress up for the place. During honeymoon, it is understandable that couples spend most of their time by themselves, but this should not be an excuse to not look good as far as being in their clothing is concern. And so we have some fashion tips that couples can follow wherever their honeymoon place will be. If your honeymoon falls in the hot days of summer, it is advisable that you take into consideration comfort in the fashion you are wearing, and generally, comfort means cottony outfits. Since cotton is made of breathable material, so it is the best idea to choose your fashionable outfit out of this material. Young bride can go for sleeveless summer dresses that are very abundant in fashion, while the young groom can get their shirts made of cotton. Colors are important, and light shades are preferable than the dark colors during summer since dark attracts heat more.
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Couples choosing a summer honeymoon should be ready to spend more time on the beach, and this means lots of swimwear to show off. The bride can wear bright coloured bikinis in one piece or two piece outfits, with colourful sarongs or cover ups, and even maxi flowery dresses. Men are not limited also to one color outfits, but also bright colors for their board shorts and swimming outfits. Bring as varied outfits as you like on the duration of your honeymoon period so you do not have to wear the same look every day, and do not forget to protect yourself with sunscreen and lip balm.
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Whatever is the season of your honeymoon, your sleepwear is very important. Groom can go funky in their boxer shorts, while the bride looking great in her lacy lingerie or nighties. Be reminded not to underestimate the power of sleepwear during honeymoon nights. The winter season should not stop you from being fashionable during your adventure with your partner. Sweater, Jacket or sweatshirt in coordinated outfits would be great if you are headed for a ski resort in your adventure. In whatever season is your adventure with your partner, it is best to prepare at least two sets of footwear, one for daytime use and one for your fancy dinner dates. The most important thing to remember when preparing your clothes for an adventure is comfort, no matter what outfit you choose. One of the most important factors that will make your adventure an enjoyable one is how good you feel and look.