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Basic Guide to Buying Sound Equipment Although you might think it is, buying sound equipment is actually a lot more challenging than you expect it to be. First, there are so many different devices and gadgets that make up an entire equipment, so there’s some serious decision-making you need to do in figuring out which of them you’ll focus on. Well, it’s no secret that the process of selecting what components to buy will be the most challenging part of the whole buying experience. For example, you will have to give a lot of weight to your needs, which obviously is your first consideration; but at the same time, you also need to figure out how convenient you want the setup will be as well as the quality of the sound your setup will produce. Next, determine if you intend to use one or more microphones. If you’re wondering why this is important, it’s because the number of microphones you plan on using will determine if you need to buy a sound mixer; in this regard, having to use more than a couple means you do need a sound mixer.
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When it comes to speakers meanwhile, there’s an unwritten rule in which the larger your room setup is the more speakers you’ll need. But if the room you’re setting the sound equipment up is small, two speakers will do. But be reminded that there’s no such thing as a single or individual speaker. Now if you have speakers which are not powered, it means you’ll need an amplifier. It is strongly recommended that you buy an external amp because in the event that the speaker breaks, the amp won’t be affected.
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Now we go back to discussing the sound mixer and at this point, consider it as the most crucial component of the entire system. You can choose to use either the traditional type or the digital version, both of which has their own unique set of advantages and perks. Many proclaim that digital is great for recording but the old type is still the best when it comes to live sound. Once you’re done with your homework on the speakers, microphone, sound mixer, and amp, it’s time to focus on effects processing. Remember that this isn’t a necessity, but if you are setting up multiple zones of speakers in the room, then it surely means you need a delay processor to work with. This right here will need some serious calculations, but the fact that you intend to have multiple zones of speakers says a lot about how premium you want your sound equipment will be. As much as we hate to stop, the thing is one article wouldn’t really be enough to talk about all the other things about shopping for sound equipment. So if you really want to be successful in your setup, do a lot of reading first.