Latest Tidbits From Kristin

Menang CemeMarshall in New Hampshire: On Lost, any scoop on Sawyer in the 1970s?

I’m hearing that he and Jin will be in that fabulously groovy decade for three whole years and that…wait for it…Jin might speak far better English now! Hooray for more Daniel Dae Kim screen time and multisyllabic words!

Isaiah in Little Rock, Ark.: On Lost, are we ever going to see Richard Alpert in a scene with Mrs. Hawking? I feel like those two are Island gods who must know each other.

When we recently spoke to Fionnula Flanagan, she told us that she hasn’t had any scenes yet with Nestor Carbonell, but, “Perhaps I have in some previous existence, or in some previous materialization of Mrs. Hawking, but it hasn’t come to light yet.” You’ll note that doesn’t rule out encounters between young Ellie (if that is Mrs. Hawking in an earlier life) and Richard Alpert in the past.

Source: E! Online

Posted By: The ODI