Latest Podcast From Ryan

Bandar CemeUpdate: According to our Filming Update and Analysis this would be for Episode 5.15.

Thanks to our good friends Ryan and Jen from The Transmission for their latest podcast and spoiler update that they have just emailed me.

Some additional stuff in our latest podcast… starts at about 1:08:15.

– Chris J. and fishbisquit saw setup at Kualoa Ranch near the fish ponds, and the Dharma submarine is back. In fact, it was “blown up” — again?
– Brian and Roxy checked out filming on Friday at St. Andrews (Oxford)and a restaurant in Chinatown.
– Daniel Faraday, Eloise Hawking, and a girl (Teresa Spencer) at Faraday’s graduation. Daniel and the girl were an item, and Daniel and his mom argue about an unnamed benefactor.
– Daniel and his mom eat at a restaurant, and Eloise gives Daniel a box containing something surprising. It looked like his notebook.
– Another shoot was set in a hospital with Penny and Widmore.

Source: The Transmission