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Menang CemeQuestion: Do you think the major-ish character that will be killed this season on Lost could be Juliet? Please say no. I have a girl-crush on her. — Michelle
Ausiello: Join the club. Nah, Juliet is considered a major character, no “ish” about it, so I think she’s safe. In other Lost news, look for the season finale to intro two new, potentially recurring, characters: Jason is a former soldier whose gravitas makes him a natural born Pied Piper, and Samuel is a J.R. Ewing (minus the Stetson, accent and a drunk wife) whose day isn’t complete without a corporate takeover.

Question: Is Penny dead on Lost?! OMFG, what is this show doing to me! — Gaby
Ausiello: Penny, on the other hand, definitely falls under the “ish” category. And even more ominous than the big fat sasaran on her forehead is the fact that her portrayer, Sonya Walger, has landed the lead role in a new ABC pilot that, appropriately enough, is already drawing comparisons to Lost. The show is called Flash Forward and it’s based on Robert J. Sawyer’s apocalyptic tome that chronicles the mass chaos that comes after everyone on the planet blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. The flash forward part applies to the vision of the future that everyone experiences during the blackout. But even if ABC orders the show to series, as many expect it will, that doesn’t mean Walger is done with Lost. Quite the contrary. As a well-placed Lost insider tells me, “She will juggle both shows.”

Source: EW